Watch the 2020 Women + Wellness Event

Overwhelmed? Does the pandemic have you feeling excessively tired, foggy or under mental strain? You may be experiencing “emotional labor,” a phenomenon that involves the exertion of energy for the purpose of addressing other people’s feelings, trying to make them feel comfortable, or seeking to live up to social expectations. Please watch the YouTube recording above of our virtual panel of Nantucket speakers followed by Q&A on emotional labor, how to recognize it, and resources to help during these challenging times.


  • Sarah Munsen, “Women and Emotional Labor in the Pandemic Age | Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s Social Services Manager
  • Lera Keller, “Preventing Emotional Labor Burnout in Mothers through Support Building and Childbirth Preparation” | Doula & Educator at Lera Keller Reproductive Journey Support
  • Charity Grace Mofsen, “A Moment to a Movement: Sustaining the Emotional Labor” | Community Advocate and DEI Consultant


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