Privacy Advisory

Nantucket Cottage Hospital respectfully requests that patients, visitors, and anyone else on or around the NCH campus refrain from taking photographs of the vehicles and individuals in line for COVID-19 testing. Please respect the privacy of our patients and your fellow community members.

It is a violation of Nantucket Cottage Hospital policy to photograph patients without their consent and it is a serious invasion of privacy to post such images on social media without consent.  Furthermore, such actions could discourage individuals from getting evaluated for COVID-19 testing, which is one of the best tools we have to keep our community safe during the pandemic. Patients who are in a queue of vehicles or standing in line to be tested should not be photographed.

While we cannot control individuals taking photos of the hospital from other public or private property surrounding our campus, we again request that people refrain from doing so out of respect for our patients’ privacy.

Thank you.



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