Play Nantucketopoly and Support NCH!


Nantucket now has its own version of the classic board game Monopoly that features dozens of iconic island businesses and organizations.

Nantucketopoly is now available at retail outlets around the island this summer, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to support Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s capital campaign.

This game is a must-have for your Nantucket home that will provide hours of entertainment, and at the same time raise funds for a new hospital that will support the health and wellbeing of our island community.

Nantucketopoly was created by Charlotte Borthwick and Charlie Richardson, two Nantucket summer kids who wanted to profile the island’s well-known businesses and help Nantucket Cottage Hospital with its critical project for the future. Through sponsorships, Charlotte and Charlie have already raised over $60,000 for the hospital.

The list of sponsoring businesses with a spot on the Nantucketopoly board includes:

·       Bartlett’s Farm·       Fusaro’s·       Nantucket Energy
·       Black-Eyed Susan’s·       Galley Beach·       Nantucket Golf Club
·       The Chanticleer·       Hyline Cruises·       The Proprietors
·       The Chicken Box·       Island Airlines·       The Rose & Crown
·       Cisco Brewers·       Island Variety·       Stop & Shop
·       Critter Cruise·       The Juicebar·       The Sunken Ship
·       Don Allen·       Marine Home Center·       Wannacomet Water
·       The Downeyflake·       Millie’s·       The Wave – NRTA
·       The Dreamland·       Murray’s Toggery·       The Westmoor Club
·       Force Five Watersports·       Nantucket Bank·       Young’s Bicycle Shop

Nantucketopoly is now on sale for $29.95 at the following retail outlets around the island: Flowers on Chestnut, Force 5 Watersports, Island Variety, Marine Home Center, Mitchell’s Book Corner, Murray’s Toggery, Pinwheels, The Sunken Ship, and Table One.


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Please let me know if I can buy Nantucketopoly? It appears this is sold out. I hope you will have more available in the future.

Hi Sue! Thanks for your interest in Nantucketopoly! We’ve reordered the game and all our retailers should be re-stocked this month.

Do you know when this month you will restock. I will be leaving island in week. If not is there a way I can order on line.

Hi Diane. Thank you for your interest in the game. We will not be re-stocked until mid-September, and are not able to do online sales. One of the vendors might be able to accommodate you, however. Thanks again!

Please let us know what vendors will sell this Nantucketopoly as we would like to order one as well!

All of the vendors above should be restocked as soon as the new games arrive on Nantucket!

I am looking for the Nantucketopoly game for my daughter. The Stop and Shop on the island was out when I left the island and would love to purchase one. Can you please tell me if is still possible to purchase this game and if so, where can I find it? Please advise at our earliest convenience. Many thanks. Pat

Hi Patrizia, with the exception of Stop & Shop, the game should be available at all the retailers listed above. We’re restocking the merchants who let us know when they’ve sold out. Thanks for your interest!

I don’t live in Nantucket but my father has a home there and i would love to give him the game for Christmas, is it possible to have it mailed to me? I live in West Palm Beach.

Hi Rosalina – thanks for your interest in the game! We do not sell the games directly at the hospital, but they are in stock at local retailers such as Bartlett’s Farm, Flowers on Chestnut and Mitchell’s Book Store. One of those vendors might be able to accommodate you if you reach out to them. Thanks again!

I visited Nantucket with my mother in September 2015 and absolutely regret not purchasing this game when I saw it in the store!! Please tell me if it is still available and how I could purchase one. I live in Northern California and sadly a return trip to the island is not in my near future!

Hi Hillary – we do not sell the games here at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, but retailers on the island might be open to selling you one over the phone. The following local vendors are currently stocked with games: Bartlett’s Farm, Mitchell’s, Murray’s Toggery, Flowers on Chestnut and Island Variety. One of those vendors might provide off-island shipping if you call them. Thank you!

Hi there. I too regret not buying the game when I saw it at Stop and Shop during the summer or 2017.
I am desperate to put my hands on one and am curious which retailers are still carrying it in 2018. If it is even still available please let me know and I will contact them directly. Thanks – Melisa Hudson Richmond VA

Hi we also regret not purchasing the game at stop n shop when we visited in August of 2017! I can call local retailers to see if it is still in stock if you can advise which stores would be the best places to look! Thanks for your help, Melisa Hudson

Hi Melissa – Mitchell’s Book Corner and Island Variety have games in stock. Thanks for your interest!

Hi I’m looking for the game, will sunken ship be getting a restock really would love to give this for a birthday gift

Hi Tyler – we do not have any more of the Nantucketopoly games. Our local vendors have the last stock – I believe Island Variety still has some.

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