Medical Records

Our Medical Records staff applies the ethical standards of the American Health Information Management Association during the performance of its duties.

No Walk-ins

  • The medical records offices are not available for patient walk-in services.
  • Medical records include, but are not limited to a patient’s medical history, test results, office visit notes, discharge summary, and operative reports of treatments and medical services.
  • The Medical Records Department can provide you with copies of your medical records related to care at a facility.
  • If you need to collect records in person, please contact us at 617-726-2361 for possible options.

What is a Medical Record?

The medical record is the property of the hospital. It is used to facilitate access and maintain the medical information as it relates to the management of patients, support services, federal, state and local regulations.

The medical record reflects the thorough, accurate and complete compilation of medical data as it relates to patient care and treatment provided under the direction of the medical staff at Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

Find more information on the Mass General Brigham website.

Ways To Request Your Medical Record

  • Print out and complete the release of information form
  • Mail the completed form to:
    • MGH Release of Information
      121 Inner Belt Road, Room 240
      Somerville, MA 02143-4453
  • You may also email the form to
  • You may also fax the form to 617-726-3661.
  • Or view medical information online: Patients also have secure online access to much of their health information 24/7 using the Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway. Click here to enroll or sign in. You are able to request your records via the Gateway, as well.

Medical Records and Privacy Security:
According to HIPAA and Massachusetts General Law, Chapter III, a patient has the right to have all medical record information kept confidential.

The medical record is the property of the hospital and shall be maintained to serve the patient, medical staff, other health care providers and the hospital in accordance with legal, accrediting and regulatory agencies. The information it contains is directly related to the patient and is to be held in the strictest confidence. No information shall be released without proper written authorization, except in circumstances permitted under the chapter.

The hospital respects and protects the patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality. Employees understand that they are entrusted with confidential information about the hospital’s patients and must not discuss any information disclosed to them in the course of their duties.

Restricted access is to protect the patient’s rights to privacy and to maintain confidentiality. Secondary health data, such as billing records, indices, and reports must also be kept confidential and are protected under law.

Some sharing of health care data is mandatory and regulated by law.

Record Retention:
To ensure patient information is available for continued care, peer review, quality improvement activities, committee review and reimbursement, Medical Record Services will maintain the hospital’s medical records against loss, defacement, tampering or use by unauthorized personnel in accordance with the state mandated 20 year retention regulation – MGR, chapter III, section 70c.

Primary and secondary medical records for five current years are maintained in the Medical Record Services permanent file section.

  • Newborn and pediatric medical records retention period is the age of majority plus 20 years

If you have any questions, contact Medical Records at 617-726-2361.

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