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“I am Dutch, and people in Holland are accustomed to delivering their babies at home. Nantucket Cottage Hospital provided an intimate environment for having our child, but at the same time offered the sophistication and expertise of a Mass General affiliated facility. It was the best of both worlds.”

– Elisabeth Percelay

Elisabeth and her husband, Nantucket summer resident Bruce Percelay, live in Boston. While the city is home to a number of renowned hospitals, and they could have delivered anywhere, they wanted a more personal experience for the birth of their child. They decided to visit Nantucket Cottage Hospital and were impressed by its warm environment, sophisticated obstetrical department, and knowledgeable physicians and staff. While small, they felt the hospital had all the experience necessary for their delivery, should complications arise.

“We could have chosen any hospital, but we chose Nantucket Cottage Hospital. And it’s not because we wanted to have a baby on Nantucket – the hospital simply had the combined expertise and personal approach we were looking for. In hindsight, it was a terrific decision.”

– Bruce Percelay.


Grateful patients

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