NCH & Town Health Department Joint Statement on Recent COVID-19 Cases

While summer is coming to an end, the efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 on Nantucket must continue and recent events underscore the need for renewed vigilance in the island community.

Two recent COVID-19 cases on Nantucket appear to be connected to a beach party attended by many young people that occurred on Monday, August 17th. Contact tracing is underway, and we are encouraging anyone who may have attended the party to get tested at Nantucket Cottage Hospital as soon as possible.

For months now, we have urged island residents and visitors to take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on Nantucket, including wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, and hand-washing. This guidance includes refraining from gathering in large groups for parties or other festivities, which can pose a significant risk for transmission of this virus.

This type of irresponsible behavior during the pandemic threatens the relative safety our island community has enjoyed over the past six months during this public health crisis. So, the Town of Nantucket Health Department and Nantucket Cottage Hospital once again ask everyone on the island to continue taking precautions and remain vigilant in our community’s collective efforts to prevent the spread of this virus.


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In order to get ahold of those who might have been at the party, it would be best to provide some additional details, such as location and/or time, or number of participants. I know there is sensitivity about personal information (though I think that it is overdone.) To ask everyone who gathered with friends on that day to get tested has a high likelihood of missing those at risk/exposed because it is too far reaching and could cause your testing system to be overwhelmed.

Could you tell me where the party occurred ? As I picked up an inordinate amount of leftover party material at Beach 11/12 (Bartlett areas) on the early morning of the 18th. I always use a dog baggie for a glove but wonder if this is the party area ?

Thank you for your feedback. We are working with the Health Department, which may choose to release additional details as you mentioned.

Hi Heide – please contact the Health Department for more information about this.

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