NCH Mother/Daughter Colleagues Featured in the Cape Cod Times on Mother’s Day

NANTUCKET — On any given weekday, after the lunch rush, you could find Deb and Jaime Connelly in the Nantucket Cottage Hospital cafeteria. The mother-daughter duo, who have worked together at the hospital since 2012, would go to the lunchroom later so they ccould have the place to themselves.

That was before the pandemic.

Now, Deb and Jaime work from home, separate yet still inseparable.

“We usually call each other at lunch and talk while we are eating at home,” said Jaime, a senior patient financial counselor, who joined her mother at the hospital after years of owning a cleaning business.

“I miss her when I don’t get to see her at lunch, for sure,” said Deb, a financial clearance specialist. “It’s something I’ll never forget my whole life, because who gets to work with their kid all the time?”

The Connellys are one of five mother-daughter pairs who work to keep Nantucket Cottage Hospital going through the coronavirus pandemic. Read the full story in The Cape Cod Times by clicking here. 



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