NCH Announces Brand Identity Transition

September 28, 2022
Email Communication to NCH Staff

Dear Colleagues,

More than two years ago, Mass General Brigham introduced its new brand identity to better represent our common purpose – to build an integrated healthcare system with patients at its center. This means that every patient receives a high quality and safe patient experience at an appropriate cost; has access to world-renowned specialists when needed; enjoys an experience that is seamless across the system; and benefits from world leading research and development that is focused on continually advancing healthcare and science.

I am pleased to share with you that Nantucket Cottage Hospital, along with Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, is entering to the next phase of the Mass General Brigham brand rollout and at NCH we are launching our new logo today:

With the brand rollout at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, we can enhance our deep connection and relationships to this world class system, resources and capabilities and help our patients better understand how we help to improve their lives. This systemwide collaboration will soon become more visible across our organization, in many ways, though most of the historic NCH exterior signage will remain as is. The entire brand rollout process will take time as we take steps to minimize the cost associated with implementation as we use, the current branded supplies and signage and equipment.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is a special and unique Nantucket community resource, staffed with resolute, talented healthcare professionals and volunteers committed to improving the lives of patients, families, and this community. The challenges of delivering world-class healthcare thirty miles at sea are very real and remain more challenging than ever. These last few years have been particularly difficult; however, we have learned repeatedly that we can do remarkable things when we work together as a system, supported by our Mass General Brigham colleagues to provide life-changing care and community service on this island. This collaboration and teamwork to deliver with highest quality patient experience closer to home is symbolic of everything Mass General Brigham is striving to achieve through its strategy.

The MGB system strategy is to be recognized as the world leading, integrated healthcare system provider in its served market. With the full range of capabilities, world-class clinicians and staff at our academic medical centers, specialty hospitals, and community hospitals, we will increasingly work as the premier healthcare system that delivers safe, high quality patient care, an unrivaled experience and access to world-renowned experts across the full spectrum of healthcare needs. Continually strengthened by our research, innovation and modern technologies, we will have an even greater impact on our patients, their families and the communities we so proudly serve locally, nationally and globally.

We hope you take pride in being part of Nantucket Cottage Hospital and all that our new Mass General Brigham brand stands for. It is rooted in you and your commitment to our patients, their family and our island community that we so proudly serve.

Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, DNP
Interim President, Nantucket Cottage Hospital


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