NCH Announces 2023 Beinecke Scholarship Recipients

June 7, 2023 – Nantucket Cottage Hospital is pleased to award 38 Beinecke Scholarships totaling $50,000 to island students and residents pursuing education and training in medical and healthcare fields.

Open to graduates of Nantucket High School, residents of the island, and employees of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, this scholarship fund was created by the late Nantucket businessman and civic leader Walter Beinecke, Jr. in the 1950s. Over the years, Nantucket Cottage Hospital has used the scholarship fund to assist hundreds of island students and residents further their education.

The eligibility of applicants and scholarship recipients are considered by an independent ad hoc committee consisting of leaders from Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the community at large.

Beinecke, the man who founded Sherburne Associates, and is credited with transforming Nantucket into a modern destination resort town, was a life member of Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s Board of Trustees. The Beinecke Scholarship Fund’s origins date back to the early 1950s when his father, Walter Beinecke, Sr., made annual gifts through the hospital to Nantucket High School graduates to help them pay for nursing school. After his father’s death in 1958, Walter Beinecke, Jr. formally established the scholarship fund in his memory.

The 2023 Beinecke Scholarship recipients are:

  • Christian Ashelford
  • Melanie Bamber
  • Ciara Barnett
  • Tianna Barrett
  • K’sha Bloise
  • Juilana Bouchard
  • Brooke Campbell
  • Cole Campbell
  • Isabella Cutone
  • Kate Daniels
  • Emma Davis
  • Sabin Dhamala
  • Emily Dussault
  • Edwin Alexis Mancia Castro
  • Leticia Duval Camilo
  • Candace Ferguson
  • Heather Francis
  • Pamela Gardner
  • Sophie Gerardi
  • Madison Iller
  • Ioana Kalpazanova
  • Diane Sophia King
  • Caroline Knutti
  • Tatiana Quijada Lemus
  • Adriana Lopez
  • Robin Manning
  • Maria Silva Marchi
  • Sara Marshall
  • Sue Mynttinen
  • Adisson Masiel Pineda Perez
  • Andrea Planzer
  • Stephanie Ryder
  • Kyan Samuels-Roberts
  • Teresa Erin Schrader
  • Nathalia Elizabeth Tobar Tejada
  • Ruth Tonico
  • Chevelle Williams
  • Adele Yelverton


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