Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Nantucket Health Department Joint Statement on New COVID-19 Cases

We want to share an important message with the island community. Over the past 72 hours we have seen a spike in cases of COVID-19. These individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 have all been notified and contact tracing is in progress. We ask that if you receive a phone call from a contact tracer, that you answer their questions thoroughly and truthfully, cooperate with the case investigation, and comply with all isolation and quarantine procedures. Contact tracing is among the strongest tools we have to prevent the spread of the virus in our population.

However, we also want to emphasize that the island is now experiencing community spread of the coronavirus. This morning, the Nantucket Health Department reported that 12 of the 14 new cases are individuals who live on Nantucket. The majority of the those who have tested positive work in the trades, including landscaping, construction, carpentry and painting, as well as cleaning, and are travelling to workplaces together. This is an important reminder to enforce COVID-19 protocols at job sites and businesses.

Now is the time for everyone on Nantucket take personal responsibility and to do your part to keep our island safe. It takes the whole community to do this. We are asking Nantucketers to recommit to the precautions and safety measures that we know have worked over the spring and summer. Maintain vigilance and wear a mask when you go out in public. Continue physical distancing and hand-washing as much as possible. We are asking you to avoid large gatherings with people who you do not live with, and stay home when possible. Let’s all cheer for the Patriots on Sunday, but we ask you to do so with your immediate families rather than gathering in large groups or parties to watch the game.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please come to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital drive-through for evaluation. If you have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, which means being within six-feet for more than 15 minutes, please come to the drive-through to be evaluated by one of the hospital providers. All other testing of asymptomatic individuals is done through appointment-only, and individuals without symptoms can apply to be tested on the hospital or town web site. The hospital is currently experiencing a high volume of individuals seeking testing, so please do not show up simply because you have had secondary contact with another person who may have been exposed to one of the new confirmed cases.

It is critical that this community spread of the virus be contained so that our high-risk population stays safe and our hospital does not become overwhelmed.

Once again, let’s recommit to the measures we know will keep our community safe.

Thank you, Nantucket.


Gary Shaw

President & CEO

Nantucket Cottage Hospital


Roberto Santamaria

Health & Human Services Director

Town of Nantucket





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Well articulated. Appreciate the candor, openness and level-headedness through which you are relaying information.

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