Nantucket’s First COVID-19 Vaccination

Early this morning, Emergency Department Physician Assistant Maria Carey became the first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. This is a monumental day in our fight against the pandemic. The vaccine is the most important intervention that will help us bring COVID-19 under control and get us back to normal. Over the next few days we will vaccinate our first 40 staff members and will continue holding employee vaccination clinics until all staff who want to be vaccinated are able to do so. We want to thank the team that has pulled together to begin providing vaccinations to staff, and all of you for your perseverance over the past 10 months. We still have work to do and we must remain vigilant, but today is time to celebrate this important step in bringing the pandemic to an end.


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Am 72 years with preexisting cindtins sister is 75 years haven’t heard when we can get appointments for vaccines

Hi Joan. Phase 2 will be opening at the beginning of February starting with people 75 and over. We have not yet finalized details on scheduling. Please register with the town at and we will provide updates as soon as possible on scheduling appointments.

Hi Kendrick – After Saturday, May 29th, the community vaccination clinic at the VFW facility at 22 New South Road will close and no longer provide vaccine appointments. Several other locations around the island are now providing vaccinations. For a list of those locations, please visit the Town of Nantucket website here:

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