Nantucket Cottage Hospital to Open Community Pharmacy in Collaboration with Longtime Island Pharmacist

(March 25, 2021) In collaboration with longtime island pharmacist Allan Bell, Nantucket Cottage Hospital will be opening a new community pharmacy on Vesper Lane, just across the street from the hospital, to provide patients with greater convenience and continuity of care while sustaining an important community resource.

The new pharmacy will be located at what was known as the hospital’s Founders Building at 10 Vesper Lane and will be owned and operated by Nantucket Cottage Hospital. It will be open to anyone needing prescription pharmaceuticals. Concurrently, Bell intends to close the prescription department of his existing Island Pharmacy business on Pleasant Street, while continuing to fill prescriptions at his Nantucket Pharmacy operation on Main Street.

The new venture began when Bell approached the hospital last year regarding a potential relationship. While he had been pursued by numerous chains and other off-island interests over the years regarding his pharmacy operations, Bell chose to reach out to NCH because of its deep roots on Nantucket and understanding of the needs of island patients. Allan Bell said, “I have been caring for Islanders’ prescription needs for over 43 years and am so grateful to the Nantucket community for this time. I am excited to see the prescription department moving to the NCH campus. There will be continuity, as I begin to step away from Island Pharmacy after 32 years. I thank all of those at NCH and MGB that helped put this partnership together and allowing me to continue serving the community at Nantucket Pharmacy.”

For patients, the new pharmacy will provide one-stop-shopping for their medical visits, allowing them to leave the hospital campus following an appointment with prescribed medications in hand. Prices will be in line with those at other retail pharmacies, and patients should expect to see no change in their share of financial responsibility for medications based on their insurance coverage. At the outset, the new pharmacy will offer prescription drugs only, but its offerings and services could grow over time. Gary A. Shaw, President and CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital said, “We at NCH appreciate Allan bringing us this opportunity to ensure that his and our patients can continue to get their prescriptions filled at a convenient mid-island location close to the hospital.”


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Has this been done with other hospitals? I am concerned that your pharmacy will charge more for drugs even though you say the partial/co-pays will be the same. I will definitely have to do some price checking before I will use this facility. I am tired of everyone overcharging our insurance companies. What about all my medical records of prescriptions, is that going to be inconvenient to switch if your medication charges are higher?

Thanks for your question. Many hospitals operate retail pharmacies for the convenience of their patients. Since most people on Nantucket get some or all of their care at NCH we chose to make it easily accessible to the public. As mentioned in the statement, we expect prices will be in line with other retail pharmacies. We always recommend checking pricing with you insurance carrier before selecting any institution for medical services. If you want to change pharmacies for any reason it is a straightforward process.

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