Pregnancy & Parenting Resources

Beyond the excellent medical care for expecting mothers and babies at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, we also provide a range of pregnancy and parenting resources to help you prepare for and handle the challenges of parenthood. From tours of the new Birthplace, to certified lactation counselors available to moms, Nantucket Cottage Hospital can help ease the transition into this exciting new chapter of your life.

Some of the resources listed below are available outside the walls of Nantucket Cottage Hospital from our community partners to further assist moms- and dad-to-be. 

Childbirth Education Classes

This course prepares expectant mothers and their partners for delivery and beyond. The classes include a combination of lectures, video presentations, and hands-on practice. Please call (508) 332-6924 for more information.

Boot Camp for Dads

In collaboration with the Nantucket Community School, this special class is an opportunity for expecting couples to meet with new families and their babies. Trained leaders facilitate conversations between new fathers and the expected dads, and between new mothers and the pregnant women participating in the class. Dividing the class allows the men to discuss their unique needs and gives women an opportunity to talk about their needs as new mothers. These conversations focus on everything from sharing birth stories, to going back to work, changing diapers, and changing relationships.

Refresher Courses

Having a second child and don’t need the whole childbirth education class but want to review your relaxation and breathing techniques? Please call (508) 332-6924 for more information.

“Silly Sibling” Class

These classes include books, photos and videos that teach young children how to interact with their newborn sibling. They are free for the newborn’s sibling(s) and parents, and are held on the last Wednesday of every month from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment. Please call (508) 825-8228 to sign-up.

Breastfeeding Support

NCH lactation support can be reached at (508) 825-8228. Breastfeeding mothers can receive a phone consultation or in-person consultation with one of the Labor and Delivery Nurses. Messages can be left 24-hours-a-day.

La Leche League, a mother-to-mother breastfeeding support group, also meetings that are free and open to all expectant mothers and their babies. Please visit its web site for times and locations.

Immunization schedules for Infants and Children: 

Read the CDC’s vaccine recommendations for infants and children’s by clicking here.

Health Imperatives

Health Imperatives – Nantucket offers several programs for island families, including Healthy Families, WIC, and Nantucket Family Planning. Visit its web site by clicking here.

Zika virus – what you need to know: 

Those who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant should read this advisory from the federal CDC about the Zika virus

Honoring Nantucket Natives

Since 1999, Nantucket Cottage Hospital has honored islanders who were born at the hospital on our Wall of Nantucket Natives. The Wall of Natives has become a beloved tradition for many island families with new babies. For a $100 donation, you can add your own Nantucket Native’s name to the Wall.

In the old hospital, the Wall included bricks engraved with the native’s name and date of birth. While the old bricks could not be relocated to this facility, the names of each native who purchased a brick in the old building were transcribed onto these tiles, and now we have room for future generations to add their names.

Click here to buy online. For questions, please call the Foundation at (508) 825-8250.