Maternal Fetal Health

Every expecting couple hopes to give birth to a healthy child. That hope is our mission.


The excitement and anticipation of pregnancy can often turn to concern and anxiety over the health of your unborn child. Through our partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, we bring advanced maternal fetal medicine to expecting mothers on Nantucket. Every pregnant woman on the island is screened by Dr. William Barth, the chief of maternal fetal medicine at MGH, who assesses high risk pregnancies and conducts prenatal diagnosis for patients right here at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Through diagnostic ultrasounds and early risk assessments, we are able to screen for structural defects and Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities in the first and second trimesters. Counseling and education, both before and after tests, is an integral component to our approach. If we detect an abnormality, our clinical specialists work with parents to educate them about their baby’s condition and determine the best course of treatment both before and after the baby’s birth.

Meet Dr. Bill Barth, chief of maternal fetal medicine at MGH. “We provide obstetrical care to women and families who may face something out of the ordinary.”

Meet our Team

William H. Barth, Jr., MD

Maternal Fetal Health

Tiffany L. Blake-Lamb, MD, MSc

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