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Women’s Health



Chances are a lot of people depend on you. That’s why it’s so important for you to be able to depend on us. Having excellent women’s health services right here at Nantucket Cottage Hospital makes it easier to take good care of yourself. You can make a doctor’s appointment without taking a day off from work. You can get a mammogram or a lab test and still meet the school bus.

We deliver approximately 150 babies every year right here at The Birthplace and our own Dr. Margaret Koehm have the skills and experience to manage high-risk pregnancies. However, if you need acute or specialized care, knowing that we can quickly get you in to see a physician or surgeon — either here or through our medical partnerships on the mainland — is reassuring in and of itself.

Here are just some of the women’s health services we offer:

  • Women’s primary care
  • Pre-natal care
  • Mammograms & other routine tests & screenings
  • Common health issues including gynecologic conditions and infections
  • Chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • Wellness & nutrition counseling
  • Female geriatric medicine
  • Well child checks
  • Domestic safety
  • Mental wellness

We also understand that this is a small island. The quality of our care depends on your being able to share important details of your health and life with complete confidence that your information will stay confidential. At Nantucket Cottage Hospital, that goes without saying. Our clinicians and staff build strong relationships with the women in our community and trust is at the center of every single one.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Treatment Programs


The Birthplace

The Birthplace is a full service, fully equipped facility complete with three large labor rooms and both ante and post-partum rooms.


Maternal Fetal Health

Through our partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, we bring advanced maternal fetal medicine to expecting mothers on Nantucket.


Pregnancy & Parenting Resources

Beyond the excellent medical care for expecting mothers and babies at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, we also provide a range of pregnancy and parenting resources to help you prepare for and handle the challenges of parenthood.



The Birthplace
at Nantucket Cottage Hospital

“We try to tailor the care so that patients can have the delivery they’re hoping for. If they want low tech and they’re low-risk patients, we can provide that. We have a Jacuzzi and labor nurses. If they’re high risk and need a high tech approach we have all the necessary skills and technology to take care them, too. – Dr. Margaret Koehm

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