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We bring world-class cancer care to you


There is no better example of Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s commitment to providing our residents and visitors with the best care possible than our partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. A team of oncologists from the world renowned hospital see patients right here at Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

In addition, many oncology services including biopsies, chemotherapy, pathology and palliative care are available here at the hospital.  If your treatment does require an off-island visit to Cape Cod Hospital or Mass General in Boston, we will coordinate with our colleagues at these institutions and make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

Our Team

The Nantucket Cottage Hospital cancer care team is a combination of our own professional clinicians and Massachusetts General oncologists. In addition to the Mass General team, a Board Certified Advanced Practice Oncology Registered Nurse is on-site at NCH to see cancer patients daily. And, of course, we have our own community of doctors and clinicians working in tandem with the Mass General team to support you and provide treatment as well. Our program engages everyone on our staff to focus on the interaction with our patients.

Our Services

Nantucket Cottage Hospital collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital, Cape Cod Hospital and Martha’s Vineyard Hospital to provide care in the treatment and management of all forms of cancer.

Specific services include:

Biopsies:  Nantucket Hospital clinicians and physicians can perform most types of biopsies here at the hospital. They are evaluated in our own facility or, in certain cases, may be sent to a laboratory at one of our partner hospitals.

Laboratory services:  Our full services laboratory is accredited by The American College of Pathologists and staffed by seasoned technicians. We are able to perform most oncological blood and tissue work.  This often saves patients from having to go off-island for tests and often helps shorten the time to results.

Chemotherapy:  Nantucket Cottage Hospital is authorized to administer FDA-approved chemotherapy and biotherapy treatments. All nurses who administer chemotherapy at NCH have successfully completed the Oncology Nurses Society chemotheraphy and biotherapy providers’ course. If you are a patient participating in a clinical trial, you may receive your treatments here with the permission of your physicians.

Imaging: The Nantucket Cottage Hospital Imaging Department works closely with Dr. Barnes, our oncology medical director, and his team of Mass General specialists.  Specific services include on-site MRI scans, 3-D ultrasound imaging and ultrasound guided breast biopsies as well as low radiation CT scans.

Radiation Therapy:  While Nantucket Cottage Hospital does not provide radiation therapy on-site, we can coordinate virtually all forms of radiation treatment at Cape Cod Hospital.

Nutrition: Maintaining good nutrition while undergoing cancer treatments helps you keep your strength up and aids in the recovery process. Our clinicians will help you with special diets and meal planning so that you get the nutrition you need.

Medication management:  Our hospital pharmacists will work directly with you and your oncology team to ensure access to refills, address any side effects and help you stay on your medication program.

Palliative care:  Nantucket is fortunate to have our own, extraordinary palliative care program. Staffed by compassionate professionals, Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket is dedicated to helping patients achieve the highest level of wellness and quality of life possible through physical, emotional, spiritual and social support.

Seasonal residents & visitors:  If you are spending an extended period of time on the island, our oncology team will be glad to coordinate your care while you are here. Our physicians and clinicians are accustomed to working with primary oncologists and caregivers all over the world to ensure you don’t have to give up Nantucket to continue your treatment.

Request an Appointment

To schedule a consultation with one of our oncology clinicians or Massachusetts General Cancer Center physicians:

  • Oncology clinic scheduling 508-825-1000 
  • Oncology Nurse Practitioner: 508-825-0101
  • Infusions 508-825-8190

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