Addiction Services

at Nantucket Cottage Hospital


Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem across the country, and Nantucket is no different. The island continues to face its own issues with substance abuse, and Nantucket Cottage Hospital, along with our community partners, has resources available for those in need.

  • Our Emergency Department team and Social Services Department are prepared and available 24/7 to handle substance abuse emergencies
  • Dr. Tim Lepore operates a Suboxone clinic for recovering heroin and opiate addicts out of his office on the NCH campus. Please call Dr. Lepore’s office directly at 508- 228-4846 for more information.
  • Gosnold on Nantucket provides comprehensive behavioral health and psychiatric services at their office at 35 Old South Road in Nantucket, and operates a mobile-crisis-unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: call (877) 784-6273 to initiate services. Gosnold also provides individual, couples and group therapy; telepsychiatry; family support groups; same-day and next-day appointments; and integrated medical services at (508) 228-3955.
  • Fairwind’s Counseling Center provides confidential, quality professional care to adults and youth on who seek mental health and addiction services. Fairwinds programs include outpatient mental health counseling; community-based treatment; addiction and recovery treatment; and medication management. All are welcome, regardless of ability to pay. Call (508) 228-2689 for more information.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are also hosted on the island. Click here for the complete schedule of island meetings.
  • Nantucket’s Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention is a cross-sector collaborative of community leaders, parents, youth, school administration and teachers, youth development organizations, civic and volunteer groups, health care and business professionals, law enforcement and the media. Together they serve as the community-wide substance abuse prevention coalition known as A.S.A.P. Nantucket.
  • The Nantucket Behavioral Health Advisory Group, whose purpose is to work towards an effective and collaborative behavioral health system on Nantucket and maintains a comprehensive community resource page.

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