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James S. Chrzan, DPM, ABPS

Clinical Overview


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    Clinical interests: Diabetic/high risk foot surgery

  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Publications & Research

Major Research Interests

  1. Biomechanics of Amyotrophy & Sensory Deprivation in the Neuropathic Arthropathy
  2. Mechanics of Etiology of Neuropathic Arthropathy
  3. Conservative and Surgical Management of Diabetic Ulcers
  4. The Work Environment and Its Impact on Lower Extremity Ulceration


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  2. Tillo JH, Giurini JM, Habershaw GM, Chrzan JS, Rowbotham JL Review Metatarsal Ostectomies for Treatment of Neuropathic Ulcerations JAPMA 80:4 211-217 1990
  3. Giurini JM, HabershawGM, Chrzan JS,Gibbons GW Charcot Disease in Diabetic Patients Postgraduate Med. 89:4 163-169 1991
  4. Giurini JM, Habershaw GM,Chrzan JS, Gibbons GW Sesamoidectomy for Treatmentof Chronic Neuropathic Ulcerations JAPMA 81:4 167-173 1991
  5. Chrzan JS, Giurini JM, Herchik JM A Biomechanical Model for Transmetatarsal Amputation JAPMA 83:2 82-86 1993
  6. Barry DC, Subacinski KH, Habershaw GM, Giurini JM, Chrzan JS Tendo Achilles Procedures for Chronic Ulcerations in Diabetic Patients with Transmetatarsal Amputation
  7. Giurini JM, Basile P, Chrzan JS, Habershaw GM, Rosenblum BI Panmetatarsal Head Resection: A Viable Alternative for the Transmetatarsal Amputation. JAPMA 83:2 96-100 1993
  8. Frykberg RF, Giurini JM, Habershaw GM, Chrzan JS, Rosenblum BI Prophylactic surgery in the Diabetic Patient
  9. Kominsky S. (Editor) Medical and Surgical Management of the Diabetic Foot C.V. Mosby, Philadelphia 1994
  10. Guirini JM, Sarnow MR, Rosenblum BI, Lyons TE.Chrzan JS Radical Differences in Joint Mobility and Foot Pressures in Caucasian and Black Diabetic Patients and Healthy Subjects Proceedings of ADA National Meeting
  11. Rosenblum BI, Pomposelli FB, Giurini JM, Gibbons GW, Freeman DV, Chrzan JS, Campbell DR, Habershaw GM, Logerfo FW Maximizing Foot Salvage by a Combined Approach to Foot Ischemia and Neuropathic Ulceration in Patients with Diabetes – A 5-year Experience. Diabetes Care 19:9 983-987 1994
  12. Chrzan JS, Habershaw GM Digital & Nail Surgery in the Diabetic Patient, Current Therapy in Podiatric Surgery Editor Jay, Richard, B.C. Dicker Inc., Philadelphia, PA 1989


Degree & Residencies

Medical School: Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Residency: New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA


James S. Chrzan D.P.M. is a podiatrist, specializing in diabetic ankle and foot reconstructive surgery. Dr. Chrzan graduated from Penn College of Podiatric Medicine in 1979, gained his professional knowledge and experience at New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Metro West Medical Center, Quincy Medical Center, South Shore Hospital. As a clinical instructor in the Department of Surgery/Podiatry in Harvard Medical School and Professor of Surgery in Boston University School of Medicine, he could impart knowledge to the young generation in the future people who want to help and save the most important - health and life of patients.

Dr. Chrzan is a member of American Podiatric Medical Association, American Diabetes Association, American College of Foot & Ankle, American Public Health Association. He has visited a lot of countries all around the world giving lectures, sharing knowledge and also gaining experience. He still travels a lot to gives his lectures and attend medical conferences.

Dr. Chrzan is affiliated with Cape Cod Hospital – Surgery Department, Wound Care Center of Falmouth Hospital (Co-Director) and Nantucket Cottage Hospital. You can also visit his medical offices - Boston Podiatry Services in Rockland, Natick and at Southeast Surgical Associates in Hyannis.

He strives to provide patients with the best possible care and experience. He is extremely intelligent, caring, and obviously has the interest of his patients at heart, and they looked to get the best possible care going. His mission is to deliver the highest quality, podiatry services. Patients are the most important for him.

Contact James S. Chrzan, DPM, ABPS


(508) 825-1000
Physician referrals only


Boston Podiatry Services at Nantucket Cottage Hospital
57 Prospect Street
Nantucket, MA 02554

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