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Arianne S. Kourosh, MD, MPH



  • Department + Services


  • My Expertise

    Adult and pediatric dermatology

  • Programs + Specialties

    Dermatology (general); Skin of color; Vitiligo and pigmentary disorders; Tanning/ultraviolet radiation; Technological innovations in medicine; Patient advocacy; Public health and community medicine

  • Board Certifications


Publications & Research

Development and application of technologies and innovative methods to promote patient advocacy and solve problems in healthcare. Dr. Kourosh developed the Skin Advocate iPhone App, a free application that connects patients with skin disease with appropriate patient advocacy resources and support for their conditions. She is currently working on innovations involving novel telemedicine platforms to increase access to care. Dr. Kourosh also founded and directs Project Phoenix, a pro bono tattoo removal program for patients in need of assistance with job acquisition and social reintegration, and conducts research around tattoos as a social determinant of health. Publications:

  • Improving Patient Advocacy Groups Through Smartphones: A Needs Assessment. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Vol 69, Issue 3, p 493-494, September 2013.
  • Bridging Dermatologists with Patient Advocacy Groups Through Smartphones. JAMA Dermatology 2013.
  • Pathogenesis of Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid. Dermatol Clin. 2011 Jul; 29(3):479-84.
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  • Photosensitive Disorders in HIV. Cockerell and Calame: Cutaneous manifestations of HIV infection. Copyright 2010. Manson Publishing, 73 Corringham Road, London, NW11 7DL, UK.
  • Leprosy of Lucio and Latap? with extremity livedoid vascular changes. International Journal of Dermatology 2013;52(10):1245-7Psoriasis as the Marker of Underlying Systemic Disease.  Skin Therapy Letter.  2008 Feb; 13(1):1-5.
  • Patient Advocacy in the Technological Age. Journal of the Dermatology Nurses Association. July/August 2013 – Volume 5 – Issue 4, pp: 187-237. Dermatologists and Social Media, Editorial & Commentary for June 2013 Dialogues in Dermatology.
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  • Aspects of Beauty. Editorial & Commentary for Nov 2013 Dialogues in Dermatology.


Degree & Residencies

MPH, Harvard School of Public Health
MD, UT Southwestern Medical School
Residency, UT Southwestern Medical Center


Dr. Kourosh is a board certified dermatologist and Instructor in Dermatology at Harvard Medical School. She graduated from the University of Virginia with numerous honors and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, receiving the institution's Excellence Award in Dermatology. She completed her internship in Internal Medicine at Tulane Medical Center, and dermatology residency at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where she received the awards for Leadership in the specialty of Dermatology and for Outstanding Professionalism and Humanism as a physician.

Dr. Kourosh is committed to patient advocacy and solving public health problems for patients with skin disease. She developed the Skin Advocate iPhone App, a free iPhone application that connects patients with patient advocacy organizations for their skin conditions. She has published and been recognized in many publications, including the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD), JAMA Dermatology, Dermatologic Clinics, and Dermatology World Magazine. She serves as Deputy Editor for Dialogues in Dermatology, an AAD sponsored international educational series for physicians.

Dr. Kourosh serves as the Dermatology Department's Director of Community Health and staff dermatologist at MGH and the MGH Health Centers in Chelsea and Revere, increasing access to dermatologic care for underserved communities in the Boston area. She also advocates for patients at the national level as the State Advocacy Leader for Massachusetts in the AAD's delegation to Congress to protect medical research and affordable care for patients with skin disease.

Contact Arianne S. Kourosh, MD, MPH

Office Hours



(508) 825-1000


Nantucket Cottage Hospital
57 Prospect Street
Nantucket, MA 02554

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