Call for Reserve Staff at NCH

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is calling on any active or retired healthcare professionals on the island to sign up to be part of a reserve staff of clinicians if the need arises during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

We are seeking any retired or active physicians, nurses, techs, or anyone who has a medical background to let us know if they are on-island and willing to help NCH if called upon.

We are able to do emergency credentialing at NCH as the state of Massachusetts has relaxed the rules around this process.

Please contact us at 508-825-8118 or e-mail if you are willing be part of our reserve staff during this challenging time. Thank you.

As a note to our regular employees who may be experiencing a reduction in work right now due to the deferral of certain elective procedures and visits, the hospital’s first priority is to find opportunities for you to be reassigned elsewhere in the hospital and to keep as many regular staff members employed as possible. If all regular (non-reserve) employees are reassigned and the hospital still has a need for staffing, the reserve staff would be available only as a last resort.


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Hello NCH staff: As long-time summer residents, we, the Dunlaps of 8 Trotts Hills Road, have been notified that two of our family members who are board-certified Emergency Medicine Physicians (retired in the last two years, approximate age 71 each) would be willing to come and stay in our home as back up physicians in the event their services would be useful to the Hospital. One is Dr. Stephen Speltz, formerly licensed in various midwestern states and Dr. Christine Johnson, his partner, also formerly licensed in various midwestern states. She is also board certified in family medicine. They would be ready to deploy immediately, would not need housing, and would be willing to assume these roles in paid or voluntary capacity. They are very fond of Nantucket and would consider this service to the community. Happy to discuss it by phone and put you in touch with the doctors. Home phone, 505-557-6909 or cell 713 447 6909.


I’m reaching out to see if you have any staff looking for a place to rent. I recently purchased a house with a studio above the garage. Right on Surfside Rd…near the schools. It would be available Oct 15th.

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