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Hospital & Community Spotlight

The latest news and information from Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

5 / 18 / 2020

COVID-19 Update from the Swim Across America Infusion Center at NCH

Ugne Aleknaite and Gretchen Buchmann from the Swim Across America Nantucket Infusion Center at NCH provide an update on how their department has continued to provide care and services to some of our most vulnerable patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

5 / 16 / 2020

NCH President & CEO Gary Shaw on “Nantucket Pulse” Program

Nantucket Cottage Hospital President & CEO Gary Shaw appears on the latest edition of Nantucket Community Television‘s “Nantucket Pulse” program.

5 / 15 / 2020

Understanding Links Between COVID-19 and Obesity

Key Takeaways

  • Obesity is a disease that affects the body in multiple ways
  • Patients that are hospitalized for COVID-19 are more likely to need ICU care if they also have obesity
  • Mitigate the risk by limiting exposure to other people who may have coronavirus

Obesity is not a risk factor for becoming infected with COVID-19 that we are aware of today. However, new data suggests that patients who have obesity are more likely to require intensive care for COVID-19.

“Once you have the virus, we’re seeing patients with obesity need more ICU care,” says Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA, associate director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center.

“While obesity has not always been considered a disease in the U.S., it is, and we are seeing it as a common comorbidity among COVID-19 patients with the severe form,” says Matthew Hutter, MD, director of the Weight Center and president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

Dr. Fitch and Dr. Hutter share four specific risk factors that link obesity with severe COVID-19 and how to mitigate risks.


5 / 13 / 2020

6 Tips for Keeping Relationships (Romantic or Platonic) On Track in Close Quarters


As couples, roommates and family members continue to be confined under the same roof, many people are facing new challenges in relationships. Being cooped up, and under higher levels of stress, can amplify underlying problems in many relationships.

Married couple Jacqueline Olds, MD, consulting psychiatrist in the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (HMS), and Richard Schwartz, MD, senior consultant in residency training at McLean Hospital and also an associate professor of psychiatry at HMS, provide tips to keep relationships on track while quarantined.


5 / 12 / 2020

Hospital Thrift Shop Update – May 2020

(May 11, 2020) Today was supposed to be Opening Day 2020 at the Hospital Thrift Shop, but there is no line on India Street today! It’s a sad day and we are missing the opening day tradition and seeing all of you. A special shoutout to all our loyal volunteers, shoppers, and donors. Although Opening Day 2020 had to be postponed, stay tuned for updates. After 90 years in business, the Hospital Thrift Shop will adapt and will continue to serve the Nantucket community moving forward. With your patience and support, we are looking forward to our 91st year in business. Keep up-to-date with the Thrift Shop by visiting

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