Pediatric Patient & Family Advisory Council

In 2015, the hospital created a new Pediatric Patient & Family Advisory Council that will focus on maternal and pediatric health issues and facilitate patient and family member participation in hospital care and decision-making in these areas.

The “Baby PFAC” was spearheaded by Dr. Margaret “Mimi” Koehm and Brenda Johnson, RN-BC, the hospital’s former director of compliance and patient and family centered care, and chair of the original Patient & Family Advisory Council. It will complement the existing PFAC while focusing solely on Nantucket’s children and families, as well as community outreach.

With perspective, support and collaboration from patients, families and the community, the current Patient and Family Advisory Council at NCH has enjoyed great success since it was launched in 2010. The PFAC contributes to policy and program development and ensures that patient- and family-centered care remains a primary focus in the organization. Emphasis is given to the core concepts of patient- and family-centered care: dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and active collaboration. The new group will bring this same focus to Nantucket’s pediatric population and families.

The members of the new Pediatric Patient & Family Advisory Council include:

  • Meghan Corcoran
  • Pauline Cronin
  • Sunny Daily
  • Kaitlyn Ellis
  • Jessica Gage
  • James Lanza
  • Vanessa Larrabee
  • Meri Lepore
  • Dr. Barbara Malone
  • Dr. Mimi Koehm
  • Dr. Leif Norenberg
  • Hillary Reynolds
  • Tracy Roberts

Annual Report

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