Patient & Family Advisory Council


The Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) at Nantucket Cottage Hospital function for the purpose of obtaining patient and family member perspectives; provides a forum for sharing information among hospital staff, leadership, patients and their family members; sharing information about hospital initiatives; and collaboratively developing programs, policies and services to improve the quality and safety of patient care.


Our work supports the following values: Dedication to Excellence; Confidentiality; Respect; Communication; Integrity; Safety; Quality

Areas of Focus

  • Primary Areas of Focus:
    • Collaborative Family Health Fair to support mind, body, spirit
    • Mental Health Improvement initiatives
    • Patient Experience Improvement Initiatives
    • Family-based Workshops
    • Nutritional Health
    • Patient/Family Communication Strategies
    • Families with Special Needs
    • Volunteer Program
  • Secondary Areas of Focus
    • Dental Health
    • Addiction
    • Navigating health insurance & Patient Gateway
    • Obesity Management
    • Diabetes Management
    • Healthy Heart Nutrition
    • Translation Services
    • Patient/Family Education Material
    • Safety
    • Elder Care
    • Preventative Testing
    • Access to Healthcare
    • Pet Therapy

Current Members

  • Cathy Ward, Chair
  • Tibby Allen
  • Salma Batool
  • Mark Beale
  • Allyson Bold
  • Amanda Bidlack
  • Elizabeth Braun
  • Sharron Chalke
  • Dr. John D’Avella
  • Carolyn Gifford
  • Rosie Gordon
  • Toby Greenberg
  • Dr. George Higgins
  • Jules Carr Holland III
  • Dr. Mimi Koehm
  • James Lanza
  • Jodi Larson
  • Sam Manske
  • Phil Marks
  • Nicholas Ouellette
  • Connie Patten
  • Maria Pena
  • Magdalena Reid
  • Peter Richards
  • Libby Tracey
  • Randy Wight
  • Max Wolf

Annual Report

Learn more by downloading our 2021 Annual Report.


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