Patient & Family Advisory Council


The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) will work to meet the hospital’s mission “to respond to the needs of increasingly diverse and expanding Nantucket community” and promote “wellness for people of all ages through prevention, education and readily accessible healthcare services.”


  • To seek the community’s feedback and involvement in the continuous improvement of patient/family centered care.
  • To meet the continuous quality improvement of patient and family centered care.

Current Members

  • Brenda Johnson, Co-Chair
  • Cathy Ward, Co-Chair
  • Nicholas Ouellette, DC
  • Brooke Christian 
  • Phil Marks
  • Randy Wight
  • Mimi Koehm, MD
  • Salma Batool, MD
  • John D’Avella, MD
  • Art Lachance
  • Amanda Bidlack
  • Allyson Bold
  • Tibby Allen
  • Sam Manske
  • Maria Pena
  • Toby Greenberg
  • Peter Richards
  • Rosie Gordon
  • Magdalena Reid
  • Max Wolf
  • Jules Carr Holland III
  • Sharron Chalke
  • Connie Patten
  • Julia A. Karcsinski
  • Robert S. Boebert
  • Betsey Braun
  • Libby Tracey
  • C. Marshall Beale

Annual Report

Learn more by downloading our 2019 Annual Report.

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