Advisory Council


The Advisory Council advises and counsels the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Foundation Office on issues related to patient relations, communications and community events. The Council reports to the NCH Board of Trustees through the Executive Director of the Foundation on a quarterly basis. In this role, the NCH Advisory Council acts as a liaison between the community and the Board of Trustees for patient relations, communications and community events.

Council Composition

The Advisory Council will consist of members of the community, both seasonal and year round, who are not currently members of the Board of Trustees. Every attempt will be made to provide the greatest representation of the total community. The Council will be led by a Chair appointment by the Governance Committee.

Current Members

  • Mrs. Nathan R. Allen, Jr., Co-Chair
  • G. Nicholas Miller, Co-Chair
  • Hillary Anapol
  • Stephen C. Anderson*
  • Margaretta S. Andrews*
  • Amanda Bixby-Furtado
  • Nate Barber
  • Deborah B. Beale
  • Jesse Bell
  • Pastor Garfield Bloise
  • Nicole Bousquet
  • Jessie Brescher
  • Courtney Bridges
  • Patricia Bridier*
  • Carlos Castrello
  • Peter Chalke
  • Lori Corry
  • Tina Craig Moore
  • Jeannie Critchley
  • Sheila B. Daume
  • Clement Durks
  • Vanessa Emery
  • Todd Eveleth
  • Bob Felch
  • Mrs. George Fowlkes*
  • Tom Fusaro
  • Erwin Greenberg
  • Carlisle Jensen
  • Patricia A. Keneally
  • Marsha Kotalac
  • Duncan Macallister
  • Sam Manske
  • David Martin
  • Stacey Perry
  • Jeanne W. Riggs
  • Nate Roberts
  • Jill Roethke
  • Alfred Sanford, III*
  • Janet Schulte
  • Ryan Scotto
  • Liz Shannon
  • Barbara Spitler
  • Gregg Tivnan
  • Cathy Ward
  • John N. Welch*
  • Brenda Williams
  • Lewis T. Winger*
  • Lisa Winton Callahan
  • Olly Wolf
  • Sharon Woods Hussey

* Life Members

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