Boards & Councils

Nantucket Cottage Hospital relies on members of the community to advise our staff on the hospital’s performance and our service to the island. These Boards and Councils consist of members of Nantucket’s year-round and seasonal communities who are passionate about Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the quality of health care for everyone.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts as the governing body of Nantucket Cottage Hospital as appointed in hospital bylaws. Click here to meet our Board of Trustees.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council advises and counsels the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Foundation on issues including patient relations, communications and community events. The Council also acts as a liaison between the community and the Board of Trustees on these issues. Click here to learn more about the Advisory Council.

Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) works to meet the hospital’s mission “to respond to the needs of increasingly diverse and expanding Nantucket community” and promote “wellness for people of all ages through prevention, education and readily accessible healthcare services.”  Click here to learn more about PFAC.

Pediatric Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Pediatric Patient & Family Advisory Council (Baby PFAC) focuses on maternal and pediatric health issues and facilitate patient and family member participation in hospital care and decision-making in these areas. Click here to learn more about Baby PFAC.