Frequently Asked Questions

Who has ultimate oversight on the CHI?

The state Department of Public Health has reviewed and approved our Community Health Initiative plan. The Community Foundation for Nantucket is the administrator and responsible to answer to the DOH.

Will each sector get an equal portion of the funding?

No, the moneys will be distributed according how well the application meets the goals of the Healthy Nantucket 2020 plan and the needs of the community.

What is the application process?

Applications are available beginning on June 1, and due by August 18th to the CFN office. Applicants will be vetted in September.  From there the Sectors, CBAC, Advisory Committee, BOT of the Hospital and The BOT of the Community Foundation will sign off on final determination. More information about the grant process and eligibility is available here. 

Does each Sector speak to the Community?

We are hoping to have consistent messaging about the CHI and Healthy Nantucket 2020 throughout all of our marketing, which includes sector team members in our community.

Will there be a ceiling to the amount granted?

Over $4 million will be distributed to community health initiatives over 5 years; NCH will grant up to 1/5th of the that total each year.

If a strategy does not have any cost involved can we implement it?

Yes! We encourage an action plan to be developed and implemented.

Is Healthy Nantucket 2020 a fluid document?

Yes, and as we find improvements or needed changes we can make them.

Can sectors collaborate with each other with an idea for a grant?

Absolutely, we encourage it!

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