Focus of Grants

The Community Health Initiative seeks to stimulate Nantucket entities to develop innovative, collaborative, measurable, replicable, evidence-based and sustainable local programs that impact the most urgent needs of Nantucket populations and strengthen the local public health infrastructure *. The Community Health Initiative seeks proposals that also:

  • Directly addresses priorities listed
  • Utilizes local data
  • Shows ability to adhere to proposed timelines and reporting requirements
  • Includes reasonable and well-planned budget projections
  • Demonstrates measurable goals and outcomes
  • Does not replicate existing services and programs

Eligibility Threshold:

  • Provides services or benefits to the Nantucket Community
  • Must be a non-profit organization or public entity (such as schools, town or county departments) providing services to Nantucket.
  • Must have staff resources to execute the plan
  • The program must be sustainable within five years

*Please become familiar with Factor 9 requirements as set forth by the Department of Public Health at this link. 

Criteria for applying:

  • Please read Healthy Nantucket 2020, the Nantucket Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
  • Pick one of the four goals to ensure that your application supports one or more of the strategies that address a goal identified by the community.
  • For example: Priority Area 1: Behavioral Health
    • Goal 1: Enhance overall wellness for the Nantucket community through the implementation of an effective and collaborative Behavioral Health System.
    • Objective:
    • By 2020, decrease the suicide attempts of 10% a year.
    • 1.1 Educate all employers (e.g.) small and large employers, Builder’s Association, Chamber of Commerce), on Nantucket and implement Employee Assistance Programs to recognize and refer high risk employees.
  • If your grant request is for seed money, please include a one page business plan that must include the following:
    • One line description of company
    • Financial model that will include current operating funds, projected revenue, and expenses
    • Action plan for success.   Milestones you must meet in year one. At what point will be you be financially sustainable?
    • Why are you uniquely qualified to succeed?
    • Organization structure and management team
    • Sustainable plan

Non-Allowable Expenditures:

  • Medical treatments that fall within the customary scope of the hospital’s activities;
  • Capital and operating expenses for medical programs based at NCH or its affiliated health facilities;

Expenditures must be for “new money” and are not meant to replace programs that applicants already provide.

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