Community Health Initiative

Improving Nantucket's health & wellness

Through a collaborative and strategic process, Nantucket Cottage Hospital is making a series of investments in community health over the next four years through our Community Health Initiative.

Why is Nantucket Cottage Hospital investing funds back into the community?

Nantucket Cottage Hospital has received approval to build a new hospital through a state Department of Public Health program known as Determination of Need (DoN). This approval process is required of all health care organizations that are planning a major capital expenditure. One condition is that applicants create a plan to spend 5 percent of the total capital expenditure on community health initiatives. Nantucket Cottage Hospital will use these funds to make strategic investments to improve the health of the island community outside the walls of the hospital.

How did Nantucket Cottage Hospital get community input?

From September 2016 through January 2017, community stakeholders came together during a series of public forums and meetings to identify Nantucket’s most pressing health needs, prioritize the top issues for the island, and develop goals and strategies to make meaningful change in these areas. During this collaborative and participatory process, dozens of community groups, organizations, and individuals contributed valuable insight and perspectives. The resulting document, Healthy Nantucket 2020, reflects this comprehensive process and the wide range of community stakeholders who offered their expertise and knowledge.

What are the priority areas for funding?

After gathering feedback from the community, the priority health areas of Healthy Nantucket 2020 that will be the focus of the Community Health Initiative include:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Women’s and Children’s Health
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Access to Housing

Volunteer groups consisting of subject experts and stakeholders have been established around the four health priority areas to develop action plans to implement the goals and objectives identified in Healthy Nantucket 2020, as well as help foster the initial phase of the grant process. These groups and their respective chairs include:

  • Kevin Marshall and Alex Rosenberg, Behavioral Health
  • Dr. Jamie Roberts and Tracy Roberts, Women’s and Children’s Health
  • Dr. Nick Ouellette and Paula Leary, Access to Healthcare
  • Tucker Holland and Molly Anderson, Access to Housing

How much funding is available?

Utilizing the Healthy Nantucket 2020 plan as a roadmap, NCH will establish a grant-making process to invest up to $4.25 million over the next five years to address the priority health needs areas identified by the community. These one-time funds are available through the capital campaign for the new Nantucket Cottage Hospital, and represent an historic opportunity to improve the health and wellness of our island community.

What types of programs and projects will be eligible for funding?

The Community Health Initiative seeks proposals that are innovative, collaborative, measurable, replicable, evidence-based, and sustainable local programs that impact the most urgent needs of Nantucket populations and strengthen the local public health infrastructure. Successful proposals will directly address the priorities listed, and must provide services or benefits to the Nantucket community. Additional guidelines can be found here.

How will Nantucket Cottage Hospital decide who will receive funding?

The hospital has developed a grant review structure that enlists dozens of community members to review and score grant proposals based on their adherence to the guidelines and eligibility requirements. Applicants will be vetted beginning in September by the Sector groups, followed by the Community Benefit Assessment Committee, the NCH Advisory Committee, and finally the Board of Trustees of the Hospital will sign off on final determination.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is collaborating on this initiative with The Community Foundation for Nantucket (CFN). Jeanne C. Miller, the program director for CFNAN, will serve as the program officer for the Community Health Initiative and will help facilitate the grant process.

The Community Health Initiative program embraces a broad definition of health, including physical, mental, and social well-being. Since health is influenced by the inter-relationships of social, environmental, and economic factors, good health requires that people are able to exercise personal and collective power over the conditions that influence their well being. Community Health Initiative expenditures are therefore directed not only to support effective health services, but also to build sustainable capacity for community health promotion involving broad-based cooperation among public and private sector institutions, organizations, leaders, and residents.

Click Here to Download the Community Health Initiative Grant Application (WORD DOC)

Click Here to Download the Community Health Initiative Grant Application (PDF)


If you have additional questions or comments, please contact:

Jeanne C. Miller, Program Officer


Jason Graziadei, NCH Public Information Officer

On Nov. 30, 2018, Nantucket Cottage Hospital awarded $1.1 million in grant funding to 14 non-profit agencies and other organizations through the Community Health Initiative during a ceremony at the Nantucket Hotel.