Nantucket Cottage Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care, respecting the dignity of all individuals, and serving the unique needs of our island community through partnership and leadership.


Nantucket Cottage Hospital serves our island community in cultivating physical, mental, and emotional holistic wellness.


We at Nantucket Cottage Hospital hold these values to be fundamental:

Dignity – We value the dignity of each individual in our community. We honor NCH employees by celebrating their successes, investing in their wellbeing, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Compassionate Care – We value compassionate care, treating those we serve and one another with professionalism, concern and kindness, exceeding expectations. We will seek to understand each patient’s unique story, enabling them to be an active partner in their care.

Community – We value meeting the vital responsibilities in the community we serve and take a leadership role in enhancing the quality of life and health, by providing a medical home of sensitivity, respect, and trust.

Quality – We value quality and strive for excellence in all we do, working together collaboratively as the power of our combined efforts exceeds what each of us can accomplish alone. We will use best medical practice standards in providing a continuum of care for all.

Stewardship – We value trustworthy stewardship and adherence to the highest ethical standards that justify public trust and protect what is of value to the system – its human resources, material and financial assets in order to secure a financially sustainable future for NCH.

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