Reflecting a strong tradition of caring and sense of community, the mission of Nantucket Cottage Hospital (NCH) is to be the island’s primary source of a full range of health and wellness services. NCH assumes the leadership role within the community by collaborating with other local organizations, to ensure availability of an integrated array of healthcare services and to respond to needs of the increasingly diverse and expanding Nantucket community. Led by a proficient and dedicated cadre of physicians, management, staff, and volunteers, the NCH team provides services in a confident, compassionate, respectful and responsive manner; is fiscally responsible; and is prepared to respond to every healthcare need either directly, from within the community, or indirectly, through an extensive network of off-island healthcare partners. NCH will promote wellness for people of all ages through prevention, education and readily accessible healthcare services in an effort to improve the general health, vitality and quality of life for all Nantucket residents and visitors.


It is the vision of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital to be recognized as one of New England’s leading community hospitals and a leader in providing exceptional wellness and healthcare services to a diverse Nantucket community.


We at Nantucket Cottage Hospital hold these values to be fundamental:

  • Dedication to Excellence: Commitment to work together to meet the needs of those we serve in the most competent, professional and compassionate way.
  • Respect: The dignity and individual rights of every patient and employee are seen as the responsibility of every caregiver, employee and patient.
  • Integrity: Commitment to the highest personal, organizational and ethical standards; providing patient care in a responsible, accountable manner.
  • Quality: Efficient service to the community with the highest level of skill while striving for continuous improvement.
  • Confidentiality: Privileged information is protected and privacy standards are upheld.
  • Communication: Effective and appropriate exchange of information with our patients, community, staff and partners in healthcare.
  • Safety: Dedicated to providing an emotionally and physically safe and accessible environment for patients, staff and visitors.
  • Teamwork: Fostering an open, creative, and challenging work environment built on respect.

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