Introducing the Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital


As global health care and the needs of all those who inhabit and enjoy Nantucket continue to evolve, the future of Nantucket Cottage Hospital and its role in providing access to the highest quality medical services is paramount. Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the Board of Trustees are pleased to introduce “The Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital” – the next generation of leaders and donors who respect the 100 year history of NCH and also bring new insights to help guide the hospital into the future.

The Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital has been established to foster the next wave of leaders who will collaborate to ensure that NCH is able to continue to deliver state-of-the-art medical services on Nantucket. The founding group of the Friends committee is compromised of 11 individuals who share a common passion for the future success of Nantucket Cottage Hospital. It consists of both on- and off-island residents who possess a wide range of professional and personal experiences. Their goal will be to effectively leverage the diverse skill sets and expansive networks of the team to create broad-based awareness and visibility to the hospital. Critical to this mission will be to encourage support of the new hospital building project.

“Nantucket is blessed with unmatched natural beauty, vibrant cultural resources, talented people and a rich history,” said Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital co-chair Tad Lee. “Nantucket should have a world-class medical facility that matches the qualities of this special place.” 

Lee, a longtime summer resident of Nantucket, is the Vice President of New England Development, which owns and operates numerous properties on the island, and a co-founder and partner in Cru Oyster Bar Nantucket.

“We look forward to working with the entire community to help create a new Nantucket Cottage Hospital with increased capacity and state-of-the-art facilities,” Lee added. “This is an important investment in Nantucket’s future – one that will increase access to health care services and create new jobs and economic opportunities on the island.”

Terry Sanford, who was born at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and now runs the Boston-based real estate firm Territory, is also among the founding members of the Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

“As a Nantucket native I know first-hand how important the Cottage Hospital is to this community,” Sanford said. “I chose to get involved with the Friends after I became aware of the critical need to improve the hospital’s facility. My hope is that as a group we can raise awareness for what’s going on with perhaps the island’s paramount institution.”

Acting as ambassadors, The Friends of NCH will seek to engage young island residents, seasonal residents, and visitors alike by spreading awareness about the vital role NCH plays in supporting the Nantucket community.

“Nantucket Cottage Hospital provides amazing care to its patients and has touched my life through my friends and family,” said Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital co-chair Tyler Hardy.

Hardy is a Senior Vice President and Director in the Global Markets and Banking division at Citizens Bank, as well as a co-founder and partner of Cru Oyster Bar Nantucket.

“Although it is rarely top-of-mind while surrounded by the beauty of Nantucket, one never knows when NCH could be called upon in a time of need,” Hardy said. “I believe the ability to offer great treatment and medical services on Nantucket is critical and I am extremely excited to be part of the Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital.”

The founding members of The Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital group includes:

• Ramin Arani
• Paul G. Dutra
• Andrea Finard
• Tyler Hardy
• Douglass Karp
• Tad Lee
• Michael S. Lorber
• Emily Ott
• Terry Sanford
• James M. Scheurell
• Jane N. Stoddard
• Brian Sullivan


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