8 / 22 / 2019

Boston MedFlight Resumes Patient Transfers From NCH

After several practice runs over the past week, Boston MedFlight has resumed patient transfer operations at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and is now using the helipad associated with the new hospital.

For nearly three years, MedFlight had been conducting all transfers from Nantucket Memorial Airport after the previous helipad at NCH was decommissioned and the construction of the new hospital got underway.

8 / 16 / 2019

Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s 108th Annual Meeting

Award winners at the 108th Annual Meeting of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, from left to right: Joan Macallister; Kevin Hickey; Brenda Williams; Bruce Percelay; Margot Hartmann, and Libby Tracey.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital honored the accomplishments of its outgoing President and CEO Dr. Margot Hartmann, as well as its capital campaign chairman Bruce Percelay during its 108th Annual Meeting Friday morning.

Kevin Hickey, chairman of the NCH Board of Trustees, introduced the hospital’s new interim CEO, Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, DNP, who will take over the role when Dr. Hartmann retires at the end of August until a permanent successor is chosen.

Courtney O’Neill, NCH vice president of development and community relations, marked the completion of the hospital’s $120 million capital campaign by recognizing Percelay’s contributions and the community’s overwhelming support.

“Everyone who has been involved in this campaign can be proud of what we have accomplished together, and there are so many people who contributed their time, their talents and their treasure,” O’Neill said.