7 / 31 / 2019

Women + Wellness 2019

The third annual Women + Wellness event was held July 22, 2019 at The Dreamland Theater.
7 / 18 / 2019

Celebrating 90 Years of the Hospital Thrift Shop


Did you know the Hospital Thrift Shop is celebrating its 90th year in business?
Watch this video produced by our friends at Nantucket Community Television that captures the essence of this great island tradition and its nine decades of incredible support of Nantucket Cottage Hospital.
7 / 1 / 2019

Why NCH Won’t Test Your Tick

The summer has arrived on Nantucket, and as we all enjoy outdoor activities it is important to remain vigilant about preventing tick-borne diseases by conducting regular tick checks.

At Nantucket Cottage Hospital, our clinicians have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease, Babesia, Anaplasmosis, Borrelia Miyamotoi, and other tick-borne illnesses. Many island residents and visitors often seek out treatment after a tick bite by bringing the actual tick in with them to the hospital, asking for it to be tested. They are confused when we inform them that we do not test individual ticks for infection. Here’s why:

7 / 1 / 2019

NCH Awards 2019 Beinecke Scholarships

In June 2019, Nantucket Cottage Hospital awarded 45 Beinecke Scholarships totaling $44,100 to island students and residents pursuing education and training in medical and healthcare fields.

For many years now, the Beinecke Scholarship Fund has been one of the ways NCH gives back to the community that supports us in so many ways. And in the long run, we hope that these investments in education will benefit both the hospital and our community when students graduate and decide to return to work here or when our existing staff enhance their clinical skills through these scholarships.