2015 Employee Recognition Luncheon


Nantucket Cottage Hospital celebrated its longtime employees this week with service awards during its annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon.

President and CEO Dr. Margot Hartmann honored 28 hospital employees for their milestones and achievements over the years.

IMG_1053Among those recognized this week was Brenda Johnson, RN-BC, who was honored for her 40 years of service at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Brenda got her start at Nantucket Cottage Hospital as a volunteer back in 1966. She worked for many years as a nurse in the hospital’s OR and ER, and currently serves as its compliance officer. Thank you Brenda!

The other NCH employees recognized this week included:

35 years of service:

  • Jan Ellsworth

30 years of service:IMG_1050

  • Sally Sylvia
  • Lauren O’Donnell
  • Peter MacKay

25 years of service:

  • Katie Dehertogh

15 years of service:

  • Linda MuhlerIMG_1046
  • Elizabeth Harris
  • Judith Divoll

10 years of service

  • Stephanie Ray
  • Cathy Lennon
  • Lilly Kraljevic
  • Yvonne King
  • Pam James
  • Henry FranklinIMG_1043
  • Kelly Facteau
  • Sara Brooks
  • Jo-Ann Bogan
  • Doug Asplint

5 years of service:

  • Christine Smith
  • Judith Scarafile
  • Valerie Sampier
  • Beth MoyerIMG_1045
  • Maira Ludvigson
  • Julie Kingston
  • Nancy Funderberg
  • David Burke
  • Janice Brown Clarke


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