10 / 14 / 2014

NCH Implements Ebola Preparedness Protocols


With the largest Ebola epidemic on record happening in West Africa and the first confirmed cases of the disease in the United States diagnosed in Texas, Nantucket Cottage Hospital has prepared its staff, facilities, equipment, and established protocols in the event a suspected case of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is identified on the island.


10 / 2 / 2014

Patient Airlift Services An Underutilized Resource for Nantucketers


Nadine McGhie thought she was out of options.

The Nantucket mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts, and following chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, she needed to travel to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston frequently for radiation and other treatments. McGhie had quickly exhausted the $1,000 she had received from the Marla Lamb Cancer Travel Fund to make those trips up to Boston, and did not have the funds necessary to continue the back and forth excursions to Mass General.


10 / 1 / 2014

NCH Honors Longtime Employees


Nantucket Cottage Hospital recently held its annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon and celebrated employee service anniversaries. Most notable among the many honorees were Suzanne Sullivan, RN, and Annie Backus, LPN, who were recognized for 45 and 40 years, respectively, of dedicated service to the hospital and the island community.


10 / 1 / 2014

Nantucketers Waving Goodbye to Breast Cancer


Breast cancer impacts so many lives, and in a small community like Nantucket, almost everyone knows a friend or family member who has been affected.

Our video depicts Nantucketers waving goodbye to breast cancer so our courageous survivors can move on with their lives.

Our island’s lighthouses serve as beacons of hope to those at sea, much like Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the Nantucket community compassionately serve those with breast cancer.

As we danced around the island with our pink gloves, it wasn’t about our dancing ability but rather our unity of purpose. You never know who you might be standing next to – a woman who lost her 30-year-old daughter to breast cancer, or a co-worker you have known for decades who was recently diagnosed. If our video spreads awareness in any way, we will have accomplished what we set out to do.