Every volunteer represents the true spirit of the Nantucket community

Nantucket Cottage Hospital simply wouldn’t be able to provide such great care without our amazing, tireless volunteers. Of course, volunteers anywhere give selflessly to the cause. But because we’re on an island, ours feel their responsibility, and the impact of their commitment, even more. They also know that by helping their hospital they’re supporting their own health care, too.

The annual Boston Pops on Nantucket concert depends on hundreds of volunteers who give their time, energy and skills simply for the chance to help make a difference.

  • Become a Boston Pops Concert Volunteer. Make this magical event even more meaningful by joining our volunteer squad. You’ll feel great about helping us out, meet an amazing group of fellow-volunteers and get to attend the concert for free

Here are some other volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer for other events:  

  • Native ReunionEvery February we host a special reunion for children five-years-old and under who were born at Nantucket Cottage Hospital.
  • Health Fair: Our annual health fair fosters wellness by providing complimentary screenings that include dermatology, prostate, glaucoma, blood sugar and high-blood pressure tests. Featured speakers also educate attendees on important and timely health topics.
  • The Swing for Nantucket Cottage Hospital Golf Tournament. Held every year at Sankaty Head Golf Club.
  • Friends of Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Activities for Summer 2015 are in the planning stages.

No matter what your skills or experience, we welcome your energy, time and compassion. Volunteering at Nantucket Cottage Hospital is a great and meaningful way to become part of our extended family.

Volunteer Spotlight Cathy Ward, President of the Thrift Shop Board of Directors

"As both a volunteer and a patient at our hospital, I have a unique window into how the hospital advances the health and wellbeing of our community. As president of the Hospital Thrift Shop board, I see the shop’s yearly financial gift to the hospital at work for patients like myself, my family and friends."



Volunteer Spotlight The Friends of NCH

In the summer of 2014, a dozen volunteers came together to launch a new effort to build the next generation of leaders and advocates for Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Acting as ambassadors, The Friends of NCH will seek to engage young island residents, seasonal residents, and visitors alike by spreading awareness about the vital role NCH plays in supporting the Nantucket community.



Volunteer Spotlight Linda Williams

The Boston Pops on Nantucket concert could not truly be a community-wide event unless every person on the island has the opportunity to attend. That’s where veteran Pops volunteer Linda Williams comes in. Williams, who has been a key member of the hospital’s Pops team for all 18 years, is a volunteer captain who coordinates the logistics of providing access to the concert for islanders and visitors with special needs.