The 1911 Society

“If we value our own lives and we would take no hazard with them, we shall be content no longer to see Nantucket without a hospital.”
— John S. Gourard, MD, 
Founder, Nantucket Cottage Hospital

In 1911, a group of far-thinking Nantucket residents began shaping the island’s medical future. Recognizing the precarious position of being 30 miles at sea, they founded Nantucket Cottage Hospital, sharing a visionary outlook.

More than 100 years later, people who love Nantucket continue to give their time, talent and gifts to ensure the vitality of Nantucket Cottage Hospital. As a lasting legacy, many donors are choosing to make a bequest or other planned gift to the hospital. The 1911 Society was created to recognize their gracious and visionary support.

“People who hold the hospital in such high esteem as to remember us with a bequest are among the most inspiring friends we could ever know. The 1911 Society is our way of honoring their remarkable foresight and kindness.”
— Margot Hartmann, MD, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer

In tribute to their generosity in their lifetimes, members of The 1911 Society enjoy the following benefits:

  • Invitation to the annual 1911 Society fall social event, held every September
  • Gold pendant or lapel pin, presented exclusively to 1911 Society members
  • Recognition in the annual “Report to Our Donors
  • Recognition in The 1911 Society plaque in the hospital

Designed by Nantucket artist Susan Lister Locke, the hospital’s memorable crest, seashell and founding date are featured on the honorary pendant or lapel pin awarded to each 1911 Society member.  

If you have named Nantucket Cottage Hospital as a beneficiary, thank you! Please let us know so that we can welcome you to the 1911 Society. For more information, please contact Terri Burlingham at (508) 825-8250.