Patient Billing & Insurance

At Nantucket Cottage Hospital, we provide care to all, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, in an atmosphere that fosters respect and compassion. Below is an overview of our billing procedures and payment options.

Billing for Our Services

Please be advised that ultimately it is the responsibility of the patient to pay for any hospital charges generated during a visit unless you have health insurance coverage or coverage under an approved federal or state plan. We will submit claims directly to your insurance company for payment. The hospital generates a new visit number with each encounter, and registration staff will ask you for insurance information upon each visit. Your cooperation in providing health coverage information gets your claim paid timely. Although we bill on your behalf, and make all reasonable efforts to obtain payment from your insurance company, all balances not covered by your healthcare plan will be billed directly to you.

Payment Options

Payment options include cash, checks and most major credit cards.

Financial Assistance

If you are financially unable to pay your balance owed, our Patient Financial Counselors will assist you in determining your eligibility for payment plans or financial assistance. Please contact our Patient Financial Counselors at (508) 825-8373.

Partners HealthCare can assist uninsured and underinsured patients who have limited financial resources to pay their medical bills for treatment. Click here to learn more about Patient Billing and Financial Assistance within Partners HealthCare

Hospital Charges

Effective 1/1/2019, the federal government has required all hospitals to make available a list of standard hospital charges, which are available by clicking here. The hospital charge information is NOT an estimate of the costs that you are responsible for paying. To request a cost estimate of health care services, please refer to the Partners HealthCare’s Financial and Billing Assistance website

Services in focus Learn more about our Patient Financial Counseling

Do you have medical bills? Questions about paying for an upcoming surgery or medical procedure? We can help. We offer our patients free, confidential, one-on-one financial counseling with no appointment necessary. With vast changes happening in the world of healthcare, it’s important to understand how the medical services you may need would be covered by your health plan.



services in focus Learn more about our Social Services Team

Over the past 30 years, Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s Social Services Department has evolved into an irreplaceable resource for the island community. Our team provides interdisciplinary coordination of patient care to help you and your family address any issues that arise during your hospitalization, with an emphasis on the preparation of appropriate discharge services.



Staff Spotlight Raymond Rocco Monto, MD

“Practicing medicine on the island of Nantucket has not only made me a better physician, it’s made me a better person.” Dr. Monto is the proud father of four children. He is also an avid soccer player, and was named to the NCAA All-America team as a goalie in college. Since 1993, Dr. Monto has been a team physician for the U.S. National Soccer Team.