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"With telemedicine as a bridge,
no hospital is an island"



Thirty miles of ocean separates our island from the mainland, but there are no barriers to world-class medical care at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. With our telemedicine program, island patients have access to some of the best specialty care, including dermatology, radiology, stroke treatment, and pediatric critical care, all without leaving the comfort of their community hospital and the island. Through a secure and confidential video link with our affiliates Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, island patients can be seen remotely by specialists in Boston with the assistance of our on-site, certified nursing staff.

Tele-dermatology Program

Patients are examined remotely by a dermatologist during these clinics. Digital imaging allows dermatologists to closely examine skin lesions while they converse with patients in real-time, viewing each other on monitors. Through remote, web-based monitoring, patients can reduce in person clinical visits for chronic diseases such as psoriasis or for conditions that require long-term follow-up, such as melanoma. Please contact the NCH specialty clinic scheduler at 508-825-1000 to make a tele-dermatology appointment.

Tele-stroke Program

With a videoconferencing link and image sharing technology, stroke specialists from Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General Hospitals can examine patients at Nantucket Cottage Hospital to assist in diagnosing their condition and recommending a plan of care. The sooner a patient receives proper treatment for a stroke, the better the chances for recovery. The tele-stroke program is an important component of patients’ stroke care by helping to rapidly evaluate and treat stroke patients on Nantucket.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

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Our Tele-stroke Program In Action

One morning last year John Belash was standing at the bathroom sink of his Nantucket home when he suddenly fell backwards. The 84-year-old island resident didn’t know it immediately, but he was suffering from a stroke. Rushed to Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Belash has only a vague recollection of being on a gurney as he was taken to the hospital’s emergency department. His clearest memory is seeing a doctor on a television monitor consulting with the emergency room physicians at his side.

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