Blanca Ramos, SLPA

Blanca moved to Nantucket 17 years ago. She graduated high school in 2006, and after a diagnosis of autism and ADHD was presented to her immediate family, she decided to major in speech and language therapy at Bridgewater State College. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders in 2010. While completing her degree, she was able to observe other pediatric speech therapists and completed an internship at an elementary school. These learning opportunities presented her strategies and ideas when working with this population. Blanca returned to Nantucket in 2013 and continued working with children presenting with language difficulties, and she also had the opportunity to work with bilingual children and children as young as two years of age. Blanca is pleased to be back on Nantucket and to continue serving the community. When not working, Blanca enjoys going to the beach, bike riding, and taking walks around the island.