Eight Reasons Why
We Need a New Hospital

For each of us, Nantucket is a very special place.  It is a place of wellness where we relax in the natural beauty, treasure our time, and enjoy friends and family.  This is a community of caring, thoughtful individuals who seek quality in all aspects of their lives.  Wellness and high quality health care are essential to all who value Nantucket and their time on island.

Our current hospital facilities are no longer adequate to meet the demand for healthcare on Nantucket. In addition to being too small, the building is costly to operate and was not designed for today’s technology or our current services. The following are a few of the critical reasons to build a new facility:

  1. We have outgrown the space. Programs and services have increased significantly.
  2. If our existing building were built today it would not conform to a single major Department of Public Health code.
  3. Our current building lacks designated space to accommodate a walk-in clinic, which will become an important part of healthcare on the island.
  4. The building is extremely inefficient to operate as it contains old-fashioned single-paned windows, and an inadequate roof, as well as failing heating and air conditioning systems.
  5. The plumbing, wiring, and other basic systems in the building are not only expensive to maintain, but were not designed for current healthcare needs and regulations.
  6. Our current operating facility was not designed to handle multiple, simultaneous emergencies. The new hospital will have two operating rooms, thereby alleviating this inadequacy.
  7. Our current facility lacks a proper helipad for efficient medical transport off island.
  8. The cost of operating a new facility will be significantly lower than the current building.

This is your hospital, and we will need everyone’s support to make it a reality.