Completing the Campus

Amid the island’s ongoing housing crisis, the need for stable, affordable housing for Nantucket Cottage Hospital has never been greater.

The capital campaign for the new hospital was expanded in recognition of this fact: we must go beyond bricks and mortar to fulfill the promise of the new facility. A cutting edge hospital requires sustainable programs and services, and most importantly, the people to deliver them.

That’s why the next phase in completing the hospital campus includes plans to build flexible-design housing units that will be capable of serving a range of hospital employees. The building will be located across the street from the hospital on land the hospital already owns, enabling employees to simply walk to work. The building will feature the latest in apartment amenities, a flexible design, and will allow a room sorting experience by using the model of extended stay hotels.

“We consider housing for hospital staff to be almost a medical care delivery issue – if we don’t have the people and the programs to deliver high quality care, the building is nothing more than bricks and mortar,” said campaign chair Bruce Percelay, who with his wife Elisabeth contributed the $10 million gift that propelled the expansion of the capital campaign.

Once the construction of the new hospital is complete, the next building phase will follow immediately and focus on the housing initiative which is expected to begin in late 2018.

The new housing will provide a substantially improved working environment for the medical team and healing environment for patients. The new campus will set the standard for rural hospitals around the country.

Artist concept of housing unit