Nantucket's New Hospital

The new Nantucket Cottage Hospital will open its doors for patient care in February 2019, marking an historic milestone for the island community 30 miles at sea.

The new state-of-the-art, 14-bed, 106,000 square-foot hospital will completely replace Nantucket’s current aging facility, built in 1957, and expand capacity and services while enhancing access, safety and privacy for patients. The new facility will set a national standard for small community hospitals, with expanded outpatient services but also capacity for inpatient care and surgery, giving patients a central location for all their healthcare needs, including primary, emergency, and specialty care, as well as diagnostic testing.

As the only healthcare facility on the island, Nantucket Cottage Hospital plays a vital role in the lives of year-round residents and visitors while supporting the island’s vibrant resort, real-estate, and building industries. Beyond the complexities of providing patient care on an island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, the new Nantucket Cottage Hospital has also been designed to account for the seasonal swings in population, as the year-round community of roughly 17,000 people soars to nearly 50,000 during the summer months.

On the morning of February 20th, 2019, hospital staff will begin moving patients through a temporary, canopied walkway that connects the old hospital with the new facility, and Nantucket Cottage Hospital President and CEO Dr. Margot Hartmann will announce that the country’s newest community hospital is open and operational.

The story of the new Nantucket Cottage Hospital – from its design and architecture to its clinical program and its financing – is as unique as the historic island for which it is named.

> Click here to view aerial photos and drone videos of the construction site.

When the new facility opens to patients, the final phase of the project will commence including the demolition of the old hospital and the completion of the final site work, parking area, and landscaping. This phase is expected to be completed by June 2019.

The hospital has made great progress on its $120 million capital campaign, with just $4 million to go to complete the campus with critical hospital housing. This fundraising campaign, the largest in island history, will create the foundation for our future with one of the finest community hospitals in the country at the heart of a healthcare campus that can help accommodate our unique staff housing challenges. The funds raised during this campaign go directly toward these projects to cover the one-time expenses associated with the construction of the new hospital and the housing component. Through the extraordinary generosity of the Nantucket community, the new hospital will be funded entirely with private donations, debt-free, and without taxpayer dollars.

The story of Nantucket’s New Hospital:

Fast Facts

  • Thanks to an unprecedented $120 million capital campaign, the largest in Nantucket history, the new hospital was built entirely through private donations, debt-free, and with no taxpayer dollars.
  • Following the completion of the $89 million new hospital project, Nantucket Cottage Hospital will use the remaining capital campaign funds to complete its campus with new staff housing units to help address the island’s affordable housing crisis and fulfill the promise of the new facility.
  • At a time when small, rural hospitals are shutting down across the country at an alarming rate, Nantucket Cottage Hospital has galvanized the support of the island community to secure its future.
  • As the former whaling capital of the world, the entire island of Nantucket is designated as an historic district, and the new hospital required the approval of the island’s elected architectural review board. The design of the facility balances Nantucket’s architectural heritage and sensibility with the modern healthcare services provided inside its walls.
  • With lessons learned from hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy, the new Nantucket Cottage Hospital will set a new standard for resiliency in community hospitals. The facility will meet hurricane design specifications established by Miami Dade County, some of the strictest in the country, allowing it to withstand winds in excess of 185 mph. In addition to other resilient design features, all of the building’s mechanical systems have been installed on the roof, rather than in a basement.
  • The new hospital will also be certified as a LEED Gold v4 building, a standard that will provide synergies within the building systems, solutions for optimizing performance, and allow NCH to achieve better environmental and economic outcomes from the new facility.
  • Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners Healthcare. In designing and building the island’s new hospital, the goal was to provide the best of both worlds to Nantucket residents and visitors: the expertise and resources of a world-class academic medical center paired with the comfort, tradition, and familiarity of the island’s beloved community hospital.


  • 2013: Identified the need for the new hospital after careful study
  • 2014: Building sites evaluated with extensive community dialogue
  • 2015: Unanimous Town Meeting vote to rezone 57 Prospect Street and create new Hospital Overlay District
  • 2016: State and local permits secured
  • 2017: On-site construction begins while existing hospital remains operating
  • 2019: Construction completed, followed by occupancy of the new hospital; emolition of old hospital and restructured parking; housing project begins

How a New Hospital Will Benefit Our Patients:

Our new hospital will transform the patient experience by enhancing privacy and safety, increasing access to our providers, and incorporating new technology throughout the building. It also creates the foundation for our future by providing new opportunities to expand services and attract the best clinicians. The new Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an investment in the future of the island, and will create a foundation for the community’s health and wellness for the next 50-plus years. By designing the hospital for the way medicine is practiced today, and designing in the flexibility to support the medicine of tomorrow, the hospital will be able to meet current healthcare room size codes (which only one room does now) as well as incorporate modern technology for the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. The upgraded and efficient infrastructure in a new building will lower our operating costs, making our organization financially sound, and allowing us to invest more resources in programs and services instead of our outdated and aging facility.