Nantucket's New Hospital

We’re seizing a once in a generation opportunity to build the right hospital for Nantucket. Our new hospital will be modern, efficient, and flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly changing nature of health care delivery and meet the challenges that come with being the ultimate safety net for a community 30 miles at sea.

Progress Update (June 2017):

After an extremely busy fall and winter around Nantucket Cottage Hospital, we are on the verge of breaking ground for the island’s new hospital.

An incredible amount of work has been completed to get us to this point, and the hospital campus has been completely transformed. This process began last October with the relocation of 45 employees, including the physician practices of Drs. George Butterworth and Tim Lepore to temporary off-site locations. The Nantucket Cottage Hospital Foundation, along with Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket (PASCON) and members of several other hospital departments, were also moved to satellite offices.

These temporary relocations allowed perhaps the most dramatic phase of the enabling projects to begin in December: the move of the Anderson Building to Prospect Street, followed by the relocation of the Founders Building to a property across the street from the hospital on Vesper Lane in January. Construction crews moved the 240-ton Anderson Building in one piece during an overnight operation through the NCH parking lot to its new location, one of the largest buildings to be moved on Nantucket in recent memory. In February, a third structure located behind the main hospital that contained offices and conference rooms was demolished.

Meanwhile, a temporary parking area for hospital staff was created at the hospital’s property in Gouin Village, located across Vesper Lane just a short distance away from the main campus. This temporary lot will allow us to preserve as much parking as possible for patients and visitors at the hospital as construction begins.

In March, the front parking lot of the hospital was closed for a complete reconfiguration, and the parking area behind the hospital was expanded to accommodate all patients and visitors. Construction crews installed a new subsurface stormwater drainage system in the front parking area in early April before final site work and paving was completed.

In May, Dr. Lepore’s practice returned to campus and back into the Anderson Building, and the new parking area opened in front of the hospital. The new parking area now allows construction crews to fence off the area behind the main building which will then become a construction site for the next 18 months as the island’s new hospital begins to take shape.

Extensive work and planning have been completed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the current hospital while the new building is under construction, and all NCH departments will continue to treat patients and respond to emergencies while the project is underway.

The first phase of the project included:

  • The relocation of the Anderson Building to Prospect Street
  • The relocation of the Founders Building to 10 Vesper Lane
  • The demolition of the Dormitory Offices building
  • The demolition of a small cottage at 10 Vesper Lane
  • The creation of a temporary staff parking lot in Gouin Village
  • The temporary relocation of 45 hospital employees
  • Tree removal around the site

Preliminary Timeline

  • Fall 2016: Raise 90% of funds needed for building costs through private donations
  • Winter 2016/2017: Enabling projects began at 57 Prospect Street campus to clear a footprint
  • June 2017: Official groundbreaking of new building
  • Late 2018: Construction completed, followed by occupancy of new building and demolition of current building

How a New Hospital Will Benefit Our Patients:

Our new hospital will transform the patient experience by enhancing privacy and safety, increasing access to our providers, and incorporating new technology throughout the building. It also creates the foundation for our future by providing new opportunities to expand services and attract the best clinicians. The new Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an investment in the future of the island, and will create a foundation for the community’s health and wellness for the next 50-plus years. By designing the hospital for the way medicine is practiced today, and designing in the flexibility to support the medicine of tomorrow, the hospital will be able to meet current healthcare room size codes (which only one room does now) as well as incorporate modern technology for the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. The upgraded and efficient infrastructure in a new building will lower our operating costs, making our organization financially sound, and allowing us to invest more resources in programs and services instead of our outdated and aging facility.


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