Nantucket's New Hospital

We’re seizing a once in a generation opportunity to build the right hospital for Nantucket. Our new hospital will be modern, efficient, and flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly changing nature of health care delivery and meet the challenges that come with being the ultimate safety net for a community 30 miles at sea.

Progress Update (January 2018):

After officially breaking ground for Nantucket’s new hospital on July 1, 2017, the 57 Prospect Street campus saw a flurry of activity over the summer and early fall as construction crews completed the foundation and steel frame of the building. The mid-island skyline was briefly dominated by a crane, which erected the steel beams for the new facility, while cement mixers temporarily outnumbered ambulance runs to the site.

In early October 2017, the final piece of steel was placed in front of the current hospital for two days, allowing community members to write their signatures on the beam before it was set in place along Vesper Lane during a “Topping Off” ceremony to mark the construction milestone. With the concrete foundation and steel frame of the new hospital completed, a drywall contractor and a spray fire proofing contractor completed their piece of the puzzle to enclose the building and make it weathertight ahead of the winter months. Construction activity will now move into the interior of the building. By the end of the summer, the new hospital will be largely completed, and the final preparations will get underway to open the facility in October 2018, followed by demolition of the old hospital and the final site work finished in early 2019.

And while the construction phase of the project is cause for celebration, the campaign to complete the hospital campus is not yet at the finish line, and Nantucket Cottage Hospital continues to seek contributions both large and small from the island community. The $120 million fundraising campaign will fund both the construction of the new hospital and much-needed housing units for staff. The staff housing will be located across the street on land the hospital already owns. Once the construction of the new hospital is complete, the next phase of the project will focus on building these flexible-design housing units that will be capable of serving a range of hospital employees.


  • 2013: Identified the need for the new hospital after careful study
  • 2014: Building sites evaluated with extensive community dialogue
  • 2015: Unanimous Town Meeting vote to rezone 57 Prospect Street and create new Hospital Overlay District
  • 2016: State and local permits secured
  • 2017: On-site construction begins while existing hospital remains operating
  • 2018: Construction completed, followed by occupancy of the new hospital
  • 2019: Demolition of old hospital and restructured parking; housing project begins

How a New Hospital Will Benefit Our Patients:

Our new hospital will transform the patient experience by enhancing privacy and safety, increasing access to our providers, and incorporating new technology throughout the building. It also creates the foundation for our future by providing new opportunities to expand services and attract the best clinicians. The new Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an investment in the future of the island, and will create a foundation for the community’s health and wellness for the next 50-plus years. By designing the hospital for the way medicine is practiced today, and designing in the flexibility to support the medicine of tomorrow, the hospital will be able to meet current healthcare room size codes (which only one room does now) as well as incorporate modern technology for the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. The upgraded and efficient infrastructure in a new building will lower our operating costs, making our organization financially sound, and allowing us to invest more resources in programs and services instead of our outdated and aging facility.


Top 8 Reasons To Build

Our current hospital facilities are no longer adequate to meet the demand for healthcare on Nantucket.

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Floor Plans

See how we have organized our departments and services to maximize efficiency and provide the best patient care possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most common questions about our campaign for a new hospital on Nantucket.

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