Nantucket's New Hospital

We’re seizing a once in a generation opportunity to build the right hospital for Nantucket. Our new hospital will be modern, efficient, and flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly changing nature of health care delivery and meet the challenges that come with being the ultimate safety net for a community 30 miles at sea.

A message from Kevin Hickey, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
March 2017

“We are in a period of more dramatic and historic change to healthcare than perhaps at any time in our 105 year history. The stresses of navigating these challenges have driven the hospital to higher and higher levels of service quality and clinical quality. It is the support and the participation of generous individuals, families, businesses and other organizations that enable Nantucket Cottage Hospital to respond to the community’s needs with the right programs and services for Nantucketers.

During the past year we brought the campaign to build a new hospital to the level where we have begun work on the site of the new building to make the campus ready. Input from all corners of the Island has been incorporated into our planning, and has enabled the process of approvals and permitting for the building to proceed with unanimous support at Town Meeting and Town committees. We will soon be breaking ground on this dynamic new hospital that will serve the island for generations.

It has been a long road to get to this point, and we are very excited to see the Island’s shared vision for the future taking shape at the 57 Prospect Street campus. We have received contributions from hundreds of individuals, families and businesses, both large and small, and we are extremely grateful for this robust support from the community.

With the expansion of the capital campaign to complete the campus by adding to our hospital housing and securing resources for critical programs, services, and hard-to-recruit-staff, we will ensure that the needed caregivers and expertise will be available to our patients in a safe, efficient and appropriately staffed new facility.

So once again, we thank all Nantucketers for supporting the vital role that Nantucket Cottage Hospital plays in the island community, now and in the future.”

Progress Update:

Since July 2016, Nantucket Cottage Hospital has achieved significant progress toward making the island’s new hospital a reality. Over the summer, the building design and site plan for the new hospital received unanimous approvals from island regulatory agencies, including the Nantucket Planning Board and Historic District Commission. In mid-September, the state Public Health Council voted unanimously to approve the Determination of Need application for the new hospital. And on September 28th, the Board of Selectmen voted to convey to the hospital the two dirt roads that border the hospital campus, allowing these unnamed ways to be incorporated into the site and provide much-needed flexibility during construction. These approvals and endorsements were the result of months of work by hospital staff and architects from Cannon Design, as well as patients and community members who offered their time and insights during the design process.

For a project of this size, scope and complexity, it is remarkable that the regulatory process was completed ahead of schedule, with no controversy, and with the unanimous support from the
reviewing agencies at both the state and local levels. This progress brings the hospital and the community to an exciting and historic moment with the groundbreaking for the new building on the horizon. Over the past two months, the enabling projects necessary to clear the footprint for the new hospital at 57 Prospect Street began in earnest.

The first phase of the project includes:

  • The relocation of the Anderson Building to Prospect Street
  • The relocation of the Founders Building to 10 Vesper Lane
  • The demolition of the Dormitory Offices building
  • The demolition of a small cottage at 10 Vesper Lane
  • The creation of a temporary staff parking lot in Gouin Village
  • The temporary relocation of 45 hospital employees
  • Tree removal around the site
  • Work will continue into the fall and early winter as the 57 Prospect Street campus transforms and the footprint is cleared and prepared for groundbreaking on the new hospital.

Preliminary Timeline

  • September 2016: Raise 90% of funds needed for building costs through private donations
  • Fall 2016: Begin moving buildings on our existing site to clear a footprint.
  • Late 2016 – Early 2017: With approvals in-hand, construction begins
  • 2018: Construction completed, followed by occupancy of new building

How a New Hospital Will Benefit Our Patients:

Our new hospital will transform the patient experience by enhancing privacy and safety, increasing access to our providers, and incorporating new technology throughout the building. It also creates the foundation for our future by providing new opportunities to expand services and attract the best clinicians. The new Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an investment in the future of the island, and will create a foundation for the community’s health and wellness for the next 50-plus years. By designing the hospital for the way medicine is practiced today, and designing in the flexibility to support the medicine of tomorrow, the hospital will be able to meet current healthcare room size codes (which only one room does now) as well as incorporate modern technology for the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. The upgraded and efficient infrastructure in a new building will lower our operating costs, making our organization financially sound, and allowing us to invest more resources in programs and services instead of our outdated and aging facility.


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