About Our Hospital

Serving the island community since 1911

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is a non-profit hospital that serves the residents and visitors of our island community by providing a broad range of health and wellness services.

But we’re also so much more than that.

We are your friends, neighbors and family. Our relationships with our patients don’t end after an appointment or discharge. We see our patients at the grocery store, in the schools, at the ballfields, and on the ferries. Our doctors, nurses and medical professionals are part of the island community in so many ways, which makes our sense of responsibility to our patients even greater.

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Since 1911, Nantucket Cottage Hospital has cared for island residents and visitors with compassion and integrity. Today, more than 100 years since our founding, the hospital is providing more care to more people than ever before by leveraging advanced technology and forging new partnerships.

Through our affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital, we are able to give Nantucket residents and visitors the best of both worlds: the comfort and familiarity of a small, community hospital and the world-class medical resources of one of the finest hospitals in the country.

From primary care to specialized medicine and surgery, Nantucket Cottage Hospital is the island’s primary source for health and wellness services. And it is our relationship with and commitment to the island community that drives us to fulfill that role everyday.

Meet your Nantucket Cottage Hospital clinicians
across more than 30 different subspecialties: